Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Profitable Hobbies

Hobbies are a wonderful way to spend your free time, and in many cases express your creativity.
Though most people enjoy these activities just for pleasure, there are many hobbies that can prove to be profitable, should you take even just a few minutes to market yourself.
If you find yourself short on funds or would love to have a bit of extra money to spend or save, take a look at your hobbies.
You could be sitting on a cash cow and be able to earn a sizeable amount of money for something you enjoy doing in your free time.

Cake Decorating/Baking      

Homemade baked goods are always a tastier treat than their manufactured, store-bought counterparts. If spending time in the kitchen, creating delicious morsels for your friends and family is one of your favourite ways to pass the time, think about monetising your hobby. The same people who rave about your scrumptious desserts at parties and get-togethers will likely pay to have you provide the same things for their own functions or even as an everyday treat.
In your talents in the kitchen are even more artistic, decorating cakes for special occasions can be very profitable. People generally spare no expense when it comes to celebrating events and love to have something hand created and personalised to honour the occasion. Offer to do a cake or two for a friend or relative’s birthday or anniversary, and you’ll likely start getting requests for your services that same day. Word of mouth will spread very quickly, if your work is good. This is one hobby that is easy to turn into a career.

In these days of large malls and hip boutiques, it seems as if sewing and knitting have become something of a lost art form. However, gifts with a handmade look are still popular, though generally hard to find. If you enjoy creating crafts and clothing, you can turn these items into quick cash. Word of mouth from friends and family is one way to drum up interest in your treasures, however for a broader reach, consider renting a stall at a local open-air market or craft show.

Beautiful pictures provide us with a window into the most cherished memories of our lives. If you have a talent for taking pictures that make people gasp, you may be able to turn your amateur photography hobby into a major income source. Whether your talent lies in creating beautiful portraits or amusing candid shots, hiring yourself out to photograph events, such as weddings and parties can bring in a pretty penny. Should you have an eye for beautiful scenic photos or newsworthy shots, selling your photos as a freelancer can also be quite lucrative. There are plenty of local newspapers, magazines, and websites that purchase pictures taken by amateur shutterbugs.

Many people collect just for their own pleasure and amusement, however selling off your duplicates or even some of the more rare pieces you have found for your collection can bring in some extra cash. Antique and collectible shops often take items on consignment, and allow you to set your own prices for your treasures. Should you need a faster alternative, both online and offline auctions can turn over your items quickly and put money in your pocket within a very short time.

People with a true talent for the written word are always in high demand. If you enjoy writing, creating, and research and have a good grasp on the rules of grammar, you can turn your talents into some extra cash. You can choose to write your own book and submit it to publishers - take the shot at making the big money, but be aware that success is a huge challenge. Other alternatives include ghostwriting memoirs or books for others with a good story, but little writing talent. Additionally, newspapers, magazines, and websites often hire talented writers to add articles or content to their pages. Some of these organisations offer very large sums for a well-written article, making it a lucrative business to be in.
In this way yours hobbies becomes very profitable and you can turn your free time in cash.